And yes, finally we are in town and open. The new lodging experience in Oaxaca: a mixed between a Guest House, Boutique Hotel and Artistic Residence. A place meant to be for single travellers and digital nomads looking to share with equals in a relaxed, comfortable and intimate environment where the experience of travel is what matters.

Agrado welcomes travellers around the world looking for something that not necessarily will find in their destination. The house becomes a place to reconnect with oneself and to meet other travelers, exchange projects, ideas, and life stories.

Agrado manages all kinds of cultural experiences and also sponsors artistic residencies: exhibitions, conferences, talks, recitals, and gatherings are happening all the time; sometimes organized and sometimes spontaneous.

This unique mix of service, house guests and activities results with a unique experience of belonging to the house and the city.

Special thanks to all the people that made this project come true: partners, collaborators, creative team, suppliers, workers and friends. Thank you to our godmothers: the greatest Oaxacan singer Geo Meneses and Ana Vázquez ColmenaresSecreataria de las Culturas y las Artes de Oaxaca.