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We are so happy to introduce our new uniforms with a very special catwalk , where all the members of our staff paraded. Designed by Christina Hatler form Mexchic, this uniforms are a new trend in boutique hotel outfits. A urban look mixed between Japanese designs with Oaxacan fabrics and traditional garments.

Universal comfort that turns into a diverse and androgynous proposal as an inclusion statement for all our guests.

Creative team:

Agrado Guest House & Models:

  • Arturo Rodriguez: General Manager
  • Berenice Pacheco: Administration Manager
  • Fernando Pérez: Host Jr.
  • José Arias: Chef
  • Uzziel López: Cook
  • Adriana Díaz: Cook
  • Pedro Revilla: Cook
  • Trinidad Caballero: Housekeeper
  • Bernardo Chavez «El Chato»: Maintenance
  • Santa Rodríguez: Made
  • Viridiana Irrizarri: Made